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Marriage Ceremonies

The Ceremony

I customize a wedding ceremony that is unique to you as a couple.  Whether you feel you would like your ceremony to be traditional or unconventional, I will provide you with a variety of options and ideas to ensure that your ceremony is magical and comes off without a hitch. Even though the format of a marriage ceremony is generally formal, it does not mean it cannot be fun and at the same time tasteful.  In a nutshell, you are not tied to tradition. You have the freedom to make the ceremony what you want it to communicate and I will be there to guide you all the way.

A Private Ceremony

If you want to get married quietly at home or at a private venue with just a few close friends, I will come to your home, at your convenience, and conduct the ceremony there for you. 

Just the legal paperwork

Often a couple would like their wedding ceremony conducted by a close friend or relative who is not a registered marriage officer. Once the ceremony has taken place you will still need it to be registered.  I will meet up with you either before, after or attend the ceremony itself, to solemnize your marriage.

Kiss and Go

Perhaps you don’t want a ceremony at all but wish to have your marriage legally registered and you are looking for a quick and friendly  alternative to getting married at a Home Affairs office, you can go with the “kiss and go” option which is quite literally, just the paperwork such as signing the marriage register and the legal I do’s.  

For all of the above options, you do require two witnesses.

I take care of the registration for you ensuring that this is done without you having to see the inside of a Home Affairs office. I provide you with a marriage registration certificate and once your marriage is registered at Home Affairs, you take that certificate into Home Affairs and apply for a printed abridged certificate which is issued immediately (you can also apply for a new ID at this point, if applicable). The abridged certificate is required by financial institutions in order to update your marital status.

The ceremony can take place in a building or outdoors, such as in a garden or on the beach (provided you get a permit), the actual signing of the register need only be done under a roof or similar environment where the paperwork cannot be damaged.