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Sharon & Mark – March 2014

Sharon: Rev.Raene and I go back a long way… Rev. Raene has been my Mentor for many years and it was only fitting that she was chosen to conduct our Handfasting. Our Journey has always been one of mutual respect and her professionalism with which she carries out her duties is impeccable. We were able to enjoy our day knowing that she had everything under control. The attending guests were drawn into the ceremony which made it all the more special. Our children loved the fact that they were included during the handbinding knot; each one representing a part of our personal vows taken during the course of the Handfasting. The entire event was a meaningful and joyous occasion and I can highly recommend Rev. Raene to anyone who is interested in having their own unique experience! Mark: A highly unique and magickal ceremony which was both serious and fun / entertaining for everyone present. I felt relaxed and at ease throughout the entire ceremony and enjoyed the order in which it took place.